benefits of strawberry for healthy skin

Strawberry health benefits(the healing power of strawberry), Strawberries are delicious and super healthy! Strawberry is highly enriched with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Do not buy a box of strawberries but a whole plant and grow it in a jar or grow it in the garden. Freshly picked strawberries are much tastier.

Eat organic strawberries:(strawberry health benefits)

Strawberries are virtually classified as fruits and vegetables, it is better to eat them in organic form. This applies even more to strawberries than other fruits. Most fruits are sprayed with pesticides by growers.

The substances with which strawberries are sprayed are basically not healthy for humans, this contrast to other fruits strawberry does not have a shell. Unfortunately, you can not wash off all toxins.

This is because the outside of the strawberry is of a thin structure. The substances on the outside also end up on the inside. This is the most reason why it’s advisable to eat organic strawberries.


The cheapest solution is to eating organic strawberries is to have some strawberry plants on the balcony or in the garden. These will supply you with fresh edible strawberries throughout the summer seasons. Strawberry plants survive harsh winters in Western Europe.

The strawberry plant is an ideal plant for a school vegetable garden. Please note that you need to buy some new plants each year for the strawberry plant to be grown as it makes the second and third years of little strawberries.


Minerals and vitamins(strawberry health benefits)

Strawberry is an excellent source of vitamins. 100 Gram strawberries are enough for the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C. In addition, there is also vitamin B5, B6, B11 (folic acid), and K in Strawberries. These delicious red fruits further supply the minerals manganese, potassium, magnesium, and iodine as well.


The medicinal effect of the strawberry(strawberry health benefits)

The strawberry is good for your bones. It contains vitamin K and the minerals such as magnesium and potassium. These three phytonutrients are good for maintaining bone tissue. The high vitamin C content ensures that strawberries are excellent fighters of free radicals and keep the immune system in optimal condition.

Free radicals are the cause of many diseases. They do not affect, among other cells, and the DNAs too. The body repairs itself it has antioxidants from fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C from the strawberry is an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer formation.


Strawberry facilitates the presence of superoxide dismutase

There is relatively much manganese in the strawberry. It stands in third place of all fruits when it comes to manganese content. Manganese is very important in the body because it promotes the formation of the enzyme superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that has almost every life-form. Superoxide dismutase fights the oxygen radicals in the body which is about 1000 times faster than catalase, another enzyme that eliminates the very oxygen radicals. The strawberry contains more positive features than its rich array of phytonutrients.


Strawberry and lipstick(strawberry health benefits)

Strawberries, women can use this to color their fine lips with red. Rub several times with the red exterior of your lips as if it were lipstick. It emits red on your lips. The advantage to this is that your lipstick is pure natural. The chemicals in Lipstick are quite unhealthy as they are found to release some harmful free radicals to the body.

Red berries and raspberries work even better as lipstick. It can also make a strawberry bite the teeth. Read more about this in the article fruit as cosmetic


The woodland strawberry(strawberry health benefits)

This strawberry is a cultivated plant and funny enough the wild strawberries have less nutritional value. Wild strawberries or wild strawberries are not particularly healthy but do not hurt either.

They could be eating to quench your thirst when you have no water with you and you take a walk in the woods. Another healthy part is the young leaves of the strawberry. These are dried and used in home-made green tea blends. The leaves contain a lot of antioxidants.


Strawberries Tower

The strawberry plant can also be processed very well in a fruit tower in the vegetable garden. Make a big tower of brick and leave big gaps between the stones open. Enter the tower with earth and put strawberry plants. Let kids pick strawberries so they can learn how these benefits are created.


Tips to eating strawberries(strawberry health benefits)

The strawberry is a delicious snack and a delicious fruit snack at any time of the day. You can do just fine with strawberries on brown bread. Strawberries fit well in a fruit salad with healthy fruits such as mango, orange, banana, tangerine, and apple.

In the morning, the strawberry is great for additional self-assembled muesli. Strawberries can be eaten as a dessert. When coffee is a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream which is a true delicacy.

Phytonutrients in Strawberry(strawberry health benefits)

The number of phytonutrients in strawberries is impressive. They are as many as 20 phytonutrients in the strawberry an important role in the body.

The phytonutrients in the strawberry work together to keep the arteries clean and free from deposits of LDL cholesterol. It is found to have a great healing power as it tends to prevent high blood pressure. It has a preventive effect for a heart attack. Both nature help to prevent cardiovascular diseases in general.

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