Raised Beds Gardening: Why it is So Popular

The Back to Eden gardening method aims to recreate nature’s ideal growing conditions in a small space with limited resources. It also meant that using just 2 hours of planting and bed preparation time, yield more than 1500 pounds of produce in the entire fall season! All without the weeding or watering!

1. Eden Gardening Method

The Back to Eden gardening method was designed by the award-winning gardener, Les Brown, in the late ’80s. He realized that the more traditional methods of gardening such as the use of chemicals, seeds, and pesticides were becoming obsolete and that his garden would not be able to support even half of his vegetable plants’ needs if he used these methods.

Eden Gardening Method

Les wanted a garden that was simple, easy, and healthy, so his solution was to use the “lessly” intensive method of planting and bed preparation with a simple design that was designed to conserve energy and water instead of using all three.

Most Important Parts Of Eden Gardening Method

One of the most important parts of the Back to Eden gardening method was to cover the soil in order to prevent it from eroding from rain or snowmelt. Much of the nutrients in your garden go into the soil, and this is especially true of nitrogen.

Most people believe that mulching is unnecessary, but without mulch, your garden will run into problems with weeds, bugs, rot, and mildew. If you want a healthy, disease-free garden then there is no excuse for not mulching. The best mulches are organic and slow-releasing, but you can add natural weed killers to get rid of those unsightly weeds and bugs. The best mulches do not have a smell and will not attract bugs or animals to your garden.

Most Important Parts Of Eden Gardening Method

Way to use the Back to Eden method

By far the best way to use the Back to Eden method as a gardening method is to “compost” your garden. You can start by simply picking the plants and removing any leaves on the stems. Once this has been done you can move the plants into a mesh basket and compost them.

This is one of the easiest methods of composting and will allow you to recycle the soil while giving you plenty of greenhouse room to grow other plants. You can place the bins in the back yard, but the most convenient place is on a deck or patio near an outside balcony or pergola.


The Back to Eden gardening method requires very little work once you have started to compost your garden. This is because the soil holds so much water and nutrients from the plants that it actually stays dry throughout the growing season. This is not the case with traditional gardens that are grown in soil that evaporates quickly.

Instead, this allows your plants to slowly break down and add nutrients to your soil every year. This is a slow process that is necessary for every type of plant, especially if you have a native species that doesn’t go through a rapid decline in productivity.


In fact, using this gardening method, you will find that you don’t need to water very often at all, which makes it very easy to maintain. This is important for urban dwellers where water conservation is key. If you have a garden in the city, you may find that you have to water every couple of days just to keep the plants healthy.

This is why a lot of gardeners prefer the Back to Eden method. After planting your garden and ensuring that you have no weeds, you can simply sit back and watch your plants grow.

Benefit Of Eden Gardening Method

Of course, there is also another benefit to the Back to Eden method – you can grow all kinds of different plants in your raised beds. Unlike traditional gardens that you can only grow certain types of plants, when you use raised beds you can grow virtually anything.

This is great if you are looking for a hobby or a means of supplementing your current income. You can easily design an organic vegetable garden using the Back to Eden method.


The only downside to using raised beds is that they are not very practical if you are in an apartment or a condo. However, if you have a large backyard, this may not be an issue for you. Plus, with so many varieties of plants to choose from, it is possible to have something for everybody, even if you only have a small space.

If you’re not sure how to start planting your garden, try the Back to Eden method first. Then if you get really excited, you may want to follow the conventional planting method.

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